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Talk to Strangers

Omegle App - Talk to strangers - Random video chat

Omegle is a chat platform that provides video chat by randomly matching users between all countries. It is the most popular application in the world where thousands of people are online and making live calls at once. Omegle com is completely free and does not have an application system that can take your time, such as membership, which makes it attractive and safer for users.

There is also content that you can make video and voice calls, as well as chat without your camera and microphone. Thanks to this application, you will have the opportunity to talk and chat with people you do not know, and even become friends. You can easily pass the users you don’t want to talk to or you don’t like, and you can meet different people and get the chance to get to know them.

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Write down your area of interest or what you want to talk about. In this way, omeglecom will choose the people you will meet according to this area of interest. It offers an entertaining chat opportunity by comparing those who want to talk about similar topics.If Omeglecom.app can’t find users who want to talk about the same topics, it will compare you to random people as usual.


Your chat with your match was very nice and do you want to hide it? This feature is for you; After the conversation is over without needing to copy and paste, press the orange “Great Chat” button and say “get the link” and then “select all”. You have now copied the entire chat and you can share or save it wherever you want.



Omeglecom.app offers a private chat service created only by university students. To get this service, simply click on the “college student chat” button on the main page and enter your e-mail address that ends with “.edu”. Now you can chat, meet and make friends with your peers.


Curious about other people’s answers on a topic? This is for you. To do this, click on the “spy (question) mode” button located in the lower right corner of the main page. Write your question there and click “ask strangers”. Now you can chat with many people about that topic.If you want to answer a question, simply click the “discuss questions” link. As long as your connection is not interrupted, you have the opportunity to have long conversations.

Omegle.com : mAKE FRIENDS WITH OMEGLE APP video chat

Let’s explore which countries use Omegle.com the most.